Sunday, September 6

cupcake craze

My mom and I keep making cupcakes from cupcake books. The ladybug is a red m&m! They were so fun to make.

We were bored last weekend and made banana cupcakes. With real homemade butter-cream frosting. Which is a pretty long process! I feel so cool.
Here's a pic from online. Ours looked better.

I don't have pictures of those because they got DELETED WITH MY HIKING TIMP PHOTOS! Technology isn't always reliable huh.

Then while I'm on a roll here, monday at school the pta catered a parent-teacher volunteer meeting. They were serving these in popcorn boxes, on top of white chocolate popcorn. oh my heck they were so good.

It's fast Sunday and I'm on a diet. This is helping me get through.


Denise said...

So it's sunday afternoon, I have no food and I'm feeling a little hungry. Your cupcakes might make me break the sabbath! Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Those look SO delicious! I love cupcakes!