Wednesday, July 1

running out of gas

I ran out of gas yesterday coming home from work. I coasted down a hill and ended up just a quarter mile from a gas station. well the gas station didn't have a gas can seriously Chevron? SERIOUSLY? You've got to be the worst excuse for a gas station this town's ever seen. K I'm not that mad but come on. Think what you represent and how not having a gas can really messes that up for you.

And P.S.: if you are a resident of that apartment complex by the chevron on canyon road. Canyon Terrace is it? And you don't lock your bike up? Well I almost borrowed your bike for a few minutes. So thanks for tempting me to steal and next time just lock it up.

Well I was on my way to do water aerobics so since I was missing out on my exercise I just decided to walk the three miles home. I felt silly because I was in work-out clothes but I had my purse...I could totally see myself as an old lady and carrying my purse everywhere even to exercise.

So the moral of the story is that I really enjoyed the situation because I got to walk. I am really trying to be more self-sufficient.

If you want to keep reading it gets better.

So my mom dropped me off later and waited as I filled up my tank with my dad's gas can (thank you dad for always having a full gas can) Well there is this metal flap that a gas can straw won't open. So I stuck a sundance pen to keep the flap open while I filled up. Notice that I got three interviews from sundance, applied to 8 jobs with sundance and they never called me back and I hate sundance. So there's my revenge. And I left that gas-soiled sundance pen in the GUTTER! I don't often litter so this was a big deal.

Well the car wouldn't start. Well it would and I went to the middle of the road then it died and it wouldn't pick up any of the gas I gave it. And we stopped traffic. So my mommy pushed my car with her car and went super fast then let me soar kind of like teaching me to ride a bike, just pushing me off and I didn't have much control over how fast I hit that curb. Actually I guess I could have used the brakes so never mind.

I said the d word 4 times trying to fill up at the gas station. "Please put the pump back and wait while we lower you gas price." then I forgot to fill up the gas can. And it wouldn't accept my card so i had to walk over to the other pump. I felt like my dad for some reason. And my mom was watching me and her window was down and she was just cracking up the entire time just watching me. I love my mom she could have been totally ticked because I wasted a half hour of her day but she just made it funner.


Mark and Mal said...

Oh my gosh, what a night!! Wish I could have seen it:) I'm glad you made it home safe!

Krystal said...

You are awesome--I would have loved to see that. Daron ran out of gas in our van last week so that trusty gas can has been getting a lot of use. Thank goodness for Van.

Raymon said...

I wish I could have been there.

mary.katherine said...

Oh Hallie. I just laughed out loud. The picture in my head of your mom pushing your car with her car...and not using the brakes...hilarious!! Best line in the post: "I felt like my dad for some reason." Thanks for the laughs.

Anonymous said...

i love that your mom pushed your car with hers! and congrats on only saying the d word 4 times. :)

Perceiver said...

Awww she said "the D Word".