Thursday, October 29

The perks of being sick

Well you get to stay home from school. And you get to sleep all the time and for as long as you want.
Then you get this mindset of "what do I do with all this time?" and do nothing with it. but you don't feel guilty for wasting time if it ends up that way. which it does.
You don't have to clean up. like gina is doing right now. thanks gina.
and...everyone treats you like a baby. which i love. (cough cough cough)
but to be 100% honest with you, which I think you will appreciate: I was really sad that I missed school today. Because I started taking over the classroom on Tuesday and my life is so good. Those kids are really nice to me and I like teaching.

Oh I read this cool thing to say to people with moustaches: "What's so important about your nose that you have to underline it?" Oh man I canNOT wait to run into someone with a stash and say that to them. Even if I don't know them. Do you dare me?


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Alyson Cowley said...

I dare you as well! That would be a great experience.