Tuesday, October 27

I butchered all my pants

So I have like 8 pair of pants. a couple black, one gray, a khaki, a brown, why am I listing this you don't even care.

Well one day I kind of lost it. I realized all my pants were too long. And they drag ya know? And it upset me. But my mom wasn't home to do it for me and I couldn't wait for her to get around to it. Started working on something. Couldn't focus. I just HAD to hem my pant legs! ALL of them. So I took my pants and I put them on one at a time. I measured a good couple inches beyond my heel and SNIPPED that point off all the way around. Snip. snip snip.

I've never used my mom's electric sewing machine. but it had thread that matched the majority of my pants and so I went for it.

No pedal. I was confused. But there was a button that said "start" so I pressed it. And figured it out.

Well it was really exciting, the speed of the needle and trying to keep up with it. Surprising, Hallie. One thing that hasn't broken that you've encountered. (patting ma back)

And there. I finished. But two pants needed hand-hemmed because the thread in the machine didn't match and I didn't want to go there. and it took forever to hand hem and made me anxious. Sewing machines rock too much!

Well I haven't gone through EVERY pair of pants yet. But. guess what. THEY ARE ALL TOO SHORT! I look like a friggin idiot every day. Good thing kids don't care. But Gina does and she makes fun of me everyday. Shameless.

So if you want to buy me pants, do it. size 8 petite/short. And you may comment curses to make me feel better.


Alyson Cowley said...

Oh Hallie, this is just something that would happen to you. I'm sorry. If you weren't so skinny I would possibly have pants that would fit you. Anyway, this gave me a good laugh.

Elissa Stewart said...

so say you made a couple of Halloween costumes that you're so in love with you decided to continue to wear them all the time

Tawny Crane said...

AHHH Hallie! I can't believe you had the guts to do that! haha. All my pants drag too (yay for short people) but I just cant do it I let them drag :( or just wear heels. I love you you crack me up!