Saturday, September 26


It's funny how I'm all artsy this semester.

Like all August I picked up my dusty rusted string red acoustic guitar and I've been practicing...
(primary songs....I know. I just don't know how to memorize songs so I am trying to learn how.)

And I made these pretty chandeliers out of my new zealand shells. I should take pictures so you know what I'm even saying. But yeah every beach & each beach visit I picked up a shell. So if you can imagine I have a lot of shells hehehe giggle giggle giggle I'm so MAD I'm not there. Wait...wait a sec...yeah I just went there in my head and that was incredible.

Um just kidding I'm not going to take a picture because I just google imaged seashell chandeliers and I feel really lame now. There are some really awesome ones out there. Jerks. Oh here's one. Yeah.

Well now I am obsessed with music. I love this song called "Saltwater Room" by Owl City. And I got these free credits from some music store online so I bought some of their stuff and some of the arctic monkeys and I like them. especially their name. So arctic monkeys and know how it is...

Now my next art visit before the end of the year will be theater. Or dance.

BTW This is me taking a break from writing my "Teacher Work Sample" AKA "TWS" AKA Swear word AKA like my thesis AKA Oh man.

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Tawny Crane said...

Thats INCREDABLE! You could sell it and make MILLIONS! or Keep it for a priceless hairloom (spelling?) AMAZING :)