Friday, September 18

an intervention of my career path

Brother: Hallie, are you drunk?
Hallie: No, I've just had a long day and I'm exhausted.
B: well you sound drunk.
H: Yeah I just taught all day and the lessons were pretty demanding
B: I'm going to make a prediction. Do you want to hear my prediction?
H: Sure. (I knew what he was about to say...something about...
B: You are going to hate being a teacher. I teach adults at church and I hate teaching them. Can't imagine how much I would hate teaching kids.
H: I am just going to try this out for a year. I need money. This is a career. Everyone needs money. No one loves to work. (This is the only thing that is inarguable and would satisfy him/shut him up.)
B: Blah blah blah this and that I can't even remember what he said.

It's funny. Each member of my family has given me a personal intervention of my career choice. Like I am choosing to do something suicidal.
"Sooooo....what Gina's want to do that?"
As if Gina is on life support, hanging by a thread or something.

I am going to be a teacher. It's too late to change my mind. Plus what else would I do? Business? Ha. Art? double ha. MFHD (Marriage Family Human Development) K I don't even think those words belong together. This fits me and I'm glad I will graduate with a certificate and degree in 3 months!

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Katherine said...

hey, at least they care or something, right?