Sunday, July 26

4th Annual Shumway Reunion

The last two weekends I have been at reunions. The first was with my immediate fam. There are 18 of us! I'll talk about the second reunion later.

This year's reunion was a really fantastic one. It was Gina and my turn to take charge and we mostly played it by ear. Whatever we felt like doing we just did it! Like the...
Talent Show
little tods dancing

Ranger rides!
Pool in Kamas

Everyone arrived on Thursday afternoon and I wanted to go to the Heber Farmer's Market. So I took the two boys pictured above.
It was a blast to walk around the little shops with them. We held hands and stuck together through the tight crowd and because they were so good we got kettle corn!
On our way back my mom called and asked that we drop by the grocery store to pick up a couple needed items. So we went. And of course we got the cart with the play car attached to the front.
Well as we were checking out the boys were playing tug-of-war with the steering wheel. Little did I know how far they took this.
Walking out to the car my sister called, needing one more thing. So I wheeled back around to go back in the store and saw Jonah (pictured left) biting Ty's cheek (pictured right). Then Ty bit Jonah's shoulder. Large welts emerged. So I wheeled around the store looking for an awkward item that I didn't want to ask anyone for with two bawling little boys. When people would give me various faces I'd respond with "nephews."
We had a good chat on the 20 minute drive back to the cabin, with the boys retelling the story, changing it each time. We decided it hurts less to be nice and that biting is not nice.


Alyson Cowley said...

Biting may not be nice, but is it more fun???

Krystal said...

That was the funniest part of the reunion! Thanks for such an awesome one, you and Gina did an amazing job.

Raymon said...

You should have said hi to my brother at the Kamas pool!