Tuesday, December 8

Oh come on,


I drove to highland twice yesterday.
Once for the first interview
back for the second!
one of two candidates.
Exciting, right?
Wow I totally got it, right?

Want to know how I found out?
An automated email the district sends when they close a job.

The song from wedding singer, "kill me" comes to mind. with replacement words for the swear words of course. don't look it up.

I'm ok. That class had 34 kids in it anyway. I don't want that! plus this gives me OPTIONS to live outside of this place I've lived for decades! So I'm looking into that.


Alyson Cowley said...

Don't worry, you really don't want a class that big anyway. That would be like death!

Alison Rae said...

I am sorry you didn't get the job :( Their loss!

Miss Single said...

Um, I saw the Broadway version of the Wedding Singer last night. It was the dumbest musical I have ever seen. Chin up, Hallie! I'm here for you forever and you should probably just pray that I get really sick. Then, you could for sure get my job.

Tawny Crane said...

OREGON BABY!... You never know what the bigger plan is untill you figure it out...DEEP I KNOW!

Holley said...

you were here and i missed you! why does this keep happening... tear.