Thursday, October 25


Last night I was celebrating my sister's birthday party at her apartment. I parked my scooter where I usually do...right next to the unpainted curb on the street, far enough away from parked cars or illegal signs.
Well I had leave to give my brother something and guess what was on my back tire? a BOOT. No, not a witch's boot or Santa's black boot. A sickly orange metal constricting BOOT.

It was two minutes before I came out that he put it on there. So if my brother had called me 3 minutes earlier I wouldn't have gotten it! I called the idiot dispatcher and waited 45 minutes for someone to come get this boot off--for a $50 fee.
While I was waiting, I decided that I would lie. I decided that the person who parked their car in the closest spot had moved my scooter from their spot because there were not other available spaces. I decided a lie is worth $50--that I would lie to win $50, why not lie to get out of paying $50? I started crying then. And I knew I couldn't lie. That I would be blessed for paying the $50 and not lying.

The boot man came and stayed in his truck while he got my information. I was barely able to tell him my phone number because i was crying. He finally took the BOOT off and waited to let me leave first. but my scooter wouldn't start. so i rolled the scooter down to the parking garage because i didn't want to be anywhere near the boot man and I wanted to park it correctly before he put another boot on it. but it still wouldn't start. The tow man left and I was pretty frustrated. A few minutes of pointless effort in kick starting the scooter, the boot man came back. he asked if I needed help and I said "It won't start." He told me that he had a dirt bike and would try to start it. Sure enough he forcefully kick started it and it worked. I was doing the kick start wrong the whole time!

I am just glad he came back. Yes I was embarrassed and I never wanted to see him again, but he was nice enough to think about me and help me. Don't you hate it when police officers and other enforcers are nice? yeah me too.


Holley said...

oh hal, i hate those booters! you will be blessed, that is what i always tell myself too!

Daron said...

You should have lied.