Tuesday, October 23

Gay Dumbledore

Oh man. Thank you so much, JK. and I don't mean "just kidding," I mean the author, JK Rowling. OK yeah I am kidding too. This kind of ruins Harry Potter for me.
But hey, thank goodness she announced this AFTER I read the series...
actually wait - I have to read these books to my children as an elementary school teacher! I am going to LOVE that. no, no I am not.
No offense Dumbledore, but just think - you and Minerva McGonagall could have had the most awesome secret relationship!

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Alyson said...

I agree. Completely. TMI, JKR, TMI. The only thing that makes this okay for me is that in my own Harry Potter world, Dumbledore and Minerva DO have a secret relationship. Rowling can say whatever she wants to about the orientation of her Dumbledore, but mine is straight as a nail!