Tuesday, October 23

Overcoming the Peeves of the Pet

Alright, so I caught myself red handed. It just looked so good! And now I am convinced that it isn't as bad as I thought it was.

Oh, I am talking about Pet Peeve #1 and #2.
The word "sweet" and ":)"

Here is where I used a smiley face:
:) (mmm feels so good)

Here is where I used "sweet" in my formally hated context:
3:10 PM me: hey sorry
how are you?
Alyson: oh good now
i was so worried when you disappeared
i thought deer creek dam had broken and taken out your office buiding
3:11 PM me: hahah
yeah that is the only thing that could take me away
Alyson: hahahaha........ha.................
that would be so sad
but I'd have a lakefront house
so would your parents
3:12 PM me: sweet
hot dang
Alyson: speaking of natural disasters, i need to find out what natural disasters virginia is susceptible to
me: haha
you do that
3:13 PM Alyson: oh don't worry i will
and when i do i'll pass the info along so you know too
3:14 PM me: haha
3:15 PM Alyson: one is flooding
me: uh oh
3:16 PM those sea side states!
3:17 PM Alyson: i know

1 comment:

Alyson said...

That's really funny because I didn't even notice when you wrote that!