Thursday, June 14

Ode to Kneaders

Dear Kneaders:

I will miss you. Before I officially turn in my hat and shirt with your emblem, I wish to leave an ode. You not only gave me $1,273.83, you also taught me valuable lessons about people and food and pain.

People because I worked with a couple people that either drove me crazy or people that made me want to cry because they were so mean (and I did cry one time, member that?) You taught me how to cope with the irritation and hurt. You helped me learn to get along with them and make them like me and not be mean. And it wasn't about pretending. I learned to be myself and people love me when I am myself. If I am anything less or more they hate me. So I am going to be myself from now on.

You taught me about food. Last night was our last night together and lets just say I didn't take you for granted. I sampled your potato soup, your brownie mix (coupled with some strawberries I cut up,) Parmesan chips, turkey bacon and avocado, a cup of sprite with raspberry sherbet and real raspberries, and some broccoli salad. Thank you for never giving me a sick mouthful.

Lastly you taught me about pain. You see, I have what is called plantar fasciitis and my doctor told me: "NO STANDING!" So that is why we had to end this. Although you brought many smiles and good times, you also caused me unbearable pain in my feet. With that pain came endurance and I am a better person from it. I learned to take pain and not complain or feel ashamed.

I will never forget the taste of a turkey ranch sandwich on asiago cheese bread, grilled. Or the repulsive smell on my hands even after washing them a million times from onions and bacon. I will hold these lessons and memories forever in my heart.

Still your customer; no longer your employee,


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