Monday, June 11

is that wrong?

So there is a hot man in my ward. If Eric from the little mermaid was a real human being, it would be him. So we will call him Eric.
He hurt his leg so he has crutches right now. I wonder if that affects my attraction toward him because vulnerable sensitive men are really attractive.

Anyway so in Relief Society they announced that volunteer tutors are needed to help at the public library for lil chillens who need help reading. For details, contact ERIC. To make a long story short, contact him I did.
So today he and I are going to the library so I can learn how to be a tutor. Am I really doing this for the kids?


solidcommagirl said...

You are totally doing this for the children. You and Eric's future children.

Hallie said...

this is how it ended up:

see 17 Jun post

seeingyouthere said...

i love that you posted the figurine version of eric instead of the animated figure of him. haha. do you find this one more attractive?

Hallie said...

hahaha no! The animated one looks more like him than any other pic I could find.