Monday, March 7


This Friday I went to see the movie Beastly. It's more of a dollar-movie or rental-worthy so wait on it.

I had been feeling pretty queasy the whole movie...I couldn't decide if it was the actor's face or what. Well, on the drive home, I knew it was time. To vomit.

As we were waiting for the green arrow to turn left off University by Riverwoods, I told Ray I was going to vomit. That is usually something my friends and I joke about, so his response was "Are you serious?"
He asked if I wanted him to drive. While we were switching, I started throwing up. A car pulled behind mine and the arrow turned green. Between vomits I motioned for them to go around us. So embarrassing. By the time I was finished, the arrow was green again and I left quite a puddle in the middle of the road. I just really hope I didn't cause a chain reaction with surrounding sympathetic vomiters. And I hope no one really noticed me. But how could they not notice a chick at midnight vomiting in the middle of a huge intersection?


Katherine said...

That is AMAZING! I would have love to experience that with you... sort of.

Alyson Samantha said...

I've never even heard of this movie. But I love that it's possibly the actor's face that made you vomit. And that Ray (who is Ray??) didn't know if you were serious.

Raymon said...

I would rather re-live that again than have to watch that stupid movie. That's all.