Monday, February 14

V-day from the parentals

I walked in my house today after work only to find piles of v-day gifts for my neices and nephews. "Where's my valentine's gift?"
Mom: "What if I didn't get you anything?"
Me, in my head: "typical. always putting grandkids first."

1 hour later my dad came downstairs with two large boxes.
Before he handed them to us, he explained that one of the boxes had two of the same thing, one for me and one for mom.
"Bras?" I asked
His response was an irreplacable facial expression of disgust.
He said that one of the boxes was for my brother and the other gift was two of a similar thing.
"So not romantic" I pointed out.
My mom opened the smaller of the two boxes. It did look like bras at first because they were shiny. But it turned out to be two pair of decent slippers.
We started to try them on to see if they fit.
"I got them from D.I." Dad remarked.
The emotion in the room turned sour. These slippers had comforted another pair of feet, not my own.
After observing our negative response, my dad pointed to the bottoms of the slippers: "Look! She never wore them! These are brand new!"
I think the lady that owned them was probably para or quadriplegic and in a wheelchair.
But when I think about it, I wouldn't want anything else for valentine's day. Thanks Dad, love you too.


Katherine said...

Hahahaha... That is seriously amazing. You're dad is the best.

Loved talking to you last night. Miss you!

Alyson Samantha said...

I love that you asked if they were bras. I can totally see your dad's reaction to a comment like that.