Wednesday, February 9


A couple weeks ago I gave my students a spelling test. One of the words was "guitar." I usually give a sentence using the word as I give the test. The sentence I used was: "Guitar. I am attracted to men that play guitar. Guitar."
They giggled and it was just a silly moment of fun.

Well one of the aides at my school (we'll call Mr. Carson) helps in my classroom on Friday afternoons.
(I overheard him say he was engaged.) He comes in and automatically my students attack him with the anticipated question brought about from the spelling test. "DO YOU PLAY GUITAR???"

Mr. Carson: Yes
Mr. Carson: Students, Mr. Larson is engaged.
Mr. Carson: No I'm not
Me: Oh, well don't you have a girlfriend?
Mr. Carson: No...
Me: (awkward mutters...probably something like "oh...")

For a while I thought he flat out lied to me. Then I found out they broke off their enGAGment.

Half of me wants to say "aren't my kids the worst?" and the other half says "You put this upon yourself." Kill me now.

Isn't this a cool boat?


Raymon said...

Why do you bring me such enjoyment? I could watch a movie of your life and never get bored. Ever.

Sabrina said...

Too bad these guys don't see how wonderful you are and sweep you off your feet and into their lives!

Alyson Samantha said...

Is he cute? You should go for him. The aide, not the guy on the guitar boat. Though that is pretty cool...