Saturday, March 26


Sorry I haven't posted for a while and all you have to look at is the vomit post.

I just have a pretty ordinary life lately and when something cool happens I just share it with people instead of write about it. And when you blog about something you've shared to people that read your blog, there's no point. That's the issue here, repeated sharing. No one likes to be friends with that person that constantly shares the stories to so many people that you have heard it multiple times. And you thought you were the special one, and that they only told it to you!

I still live with my parents. People may wonder if I ever get out or if I just get out with my parents. The answer is: both. For instance, tonight. My parents invited me to go to dinner and a movie with them and my aunt and uncle. Sometimes I accept, sometimes I have something else going on. Tonight, I have other plans. I am going with a group of buddies to DI to get disco clothing and then to classic skating. It will be really fun to just dress up and let go!

At this time of the school year, I realized that I had sick days and vacation days that I haven't used: a total of 5 days! So I am planning two trips. One to San Diego, and one to Florida. In two weeks I'm off to Orlando where I will be united with Harry Potter World!!!! I have an entire week for spring break and I hope that's enough time for Harry.

Then in May I'll be in San Diego to visit my BFF Katherine! Now I just have to figure out my summer...I don't have any trips planned and it's unsettling. I'll probably take a bunch of teacher classes so I can get paid more or something boring like that. Maybe move out of my parents?

Next time I write on here it won't be from my dad's desktop computer in his messy upstairs office. It will be from the new 13" MACBOOK PRO!!!! It's on it's way to me now. I have purchased this particular laptop 3 times this week. The first time was online at Then I cancelled the order because Katherine said I could get it cheaper at BYU. The second was through BYU. They said I had to be a student. Then finally I went online to again, but this time through my teacher website and I got one for $100 off! Boo BYU, thanks for the diploma though.
Did you know they sell MacBook Pros in 24-carat gold? Yeah. and the apple is filled with diamonds.

Speaking of diploma, BYU thinks I am graduating in April again. They sent me a graduation package and notified me of all the events coming up. Silly BYU. I guess you can give me another degree, could it please be a master's? Thanks.


Alyson Samantha said...

This post made me laugh so many times! Sometimes my parents invite me on their date nights with your parents, too. Also, you should see if they really will give you another diploma. Lastly, I am excited for you to get your new Macbook Pro!!! I love mine as if it were my child.

Elissa Stewart said...

Um, guess what, I don't live by you, so I don't get to hear all the awesome things you share with people. I'd appreciate it if you'd be a repeater. The people that already know can just deal with it.