Thursday, January 21

blind date gone blurry

My dear friend Alisa* called me up and told me I was going on a blind date with her date's roommate. We were going country dancing.

I don't dance very well when I'm limited to certain steps.
I don't dance very well when I'm attached to another human.
So I assumed my date would help me out and know what he's doing when it comes to dancing.

When I went to answer the door, I found Alisa, her date, and my date at the doorstep. Alisa attacked me first, then I saw the next closest person to the door. Alisa introduced him and I thought he was my date. Well he wasn't. He's her FIANCE. So I scream and get really happy! I had no idea she was even dating anyone. I turn around to see my date, at the bottom of the steps, being distant and quiet.

We walk to the car, he opens the door for me, so I sit in the seat. Well he started coming in too, so I scooted over just in time before he sat on me. On the way there he sat quietly while I talked in my high pitched excited voice to Alisa and her fiance that I had never met. Adam has been home six months, they have only dated 2 weeks, and they will be married june 21. "Good Alisa, you got him right off the mission, before he gets into porn." I took it back right after I said it. I am so AWKWARD!

Then I turn to my date "Is it Derek or Daron?"
"My brother's name is Daron."
no comment.

I asked him a few more questions, he's an electrical engineer major from New Mexico. He has 4 sisters and 8 nieces and nephews.

We got to the dance and Alisa and Adam ran off alone, leaving me with Daron. They came back and taught us a basic step, which we danced over and over redundantly for the next few songs. I wanted to die. I took over and led sometimes, spinning myself :)
We couldn't hear each other over the music, so we didn't talk. But one time I yelled "DO YOU EVEN LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC?"
I repeated the question.
he shook his head.
5 minutes later he asked "DO YOU LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC?"

On the way to the car we were talking about glasses/contacts.
to my date: "do you wear contacts?"
"no, but I should. I prefer having everything a little blurry"
"so you like not being about to see clearly?"

On the way home, Daron quietly declares "I need ice cream."
I was the only one who heard him.
5 minutes later Adam said "Daron, did you say something?
me: "He wants ice cream"
Dairy queen was closed
We pulled into Wendy's
Daron: "I want McDonalds"
so we went to McDonalds
Alisa: "I'm partially lactose intolerant"
me: "me too"
so we ordered the 2 apple pies for $1
I got up to get napkins and when I returned there was a second straw in Daron's shake, pointed towards me.
me: "is that for me"
daron: "I have nothing to do with that."
Adam snickers

all four of us walked up to my door step and I hugged each of them.
Yay for blind dates.

*names have been changed


Veronica said...

I loved everything about this but especially "before he gets into porn."

Mark and Mal said...

Holy crap, you are the funniest girl I know. I loved that bit about snagging the returned missionary before he gets into porn. Oh my, I miss your guts:) Good luck with those blind dates.

Anonymous said...

Love the porn comment!!!

amanda said...

hahaha...thank you for sharing this, hallie! i laughed outright here in the good ol' jfsb humanities computer lab...

Anonymous said...

Wow. That made my day!!! Awesome.

Raymon said...

Oh so classic. So so classic.

Courtney said...

Oh my goodness!! Love it!! Please wear a secret camera next time!

mary.katherine said...

Ha ha ha ha. HA HAHAH AHA!!! Blah hahah! I'm dying here. That was the funniest blind date story i've heard in a long time. Loved it.

Alyson Cowley said...

The dialogue was great. And Grandma wonders why we aren't married...