Friday, March 22

Just thought you should Know...

Whatup 20 followers and random page-viewers (I see the stats, I know there are many of you.)

I am a single 5th grade teacher. It has always been a challenge to meet dudes. Somehow I've been going out on average every other week...sometimes with the same guy, sometimes with randoms.  That is pretty high for Utah County gals, even if you're super hot and fun (That's how it was for me in college...I know, crazy.)

Half the dates I go on are from online dating.  Which is bogus so I cancelled.  I went out with my last online guy twice two weeks ago, and when he called me this week I forgot to call him back.  When I did call him back I said: "Sorry I missed you...yesterday..." And it wasn't yesterday that I missed him.  It was before that.  He didn't call back.  Probably because I'm the worst.

I foresee the lack of online dating taking my numbers down, so I bought the following sticky note pad when I was at J Crew a month ago (They give teachers 15% off btw)

except for "YOU'RE TOO LOUD" it says "YOU'RE CUTE"

Trying to use them...write my number on them even.  They haven't been used since I bought them.  Just hung out there in my purse.  I decided to give two out at institute, which I was successful at.  I almost gave one to someone at a crosswalk today, but he was someone that I knew...who is engaged.  Wouldn't that be amazing?  To give out my number every day I am stopped at the longest light in Provo, watching those smartie BYU men walk to class? I'd be just like a creeper? 

This is way too forward and waaay out of my comfort zone, but I love dudes and I want to just date a lot and kiss a lot and love a lot.  When I find someone who I want to kiss for the rest of my life then I'll be happy I did this. Hopefully.  Probably.

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Courtney said...

You are so brave! And I don't think it's creeper at all, you're just telling them you think they're cute! So courageous!