Saturday, March 23

A Single Pin on Pinterest gave me a Nightmare

I avoid horror films.  The Ring came out while I was in Junior High, at a time when I wanted to please people the very most.  Still wouldn't see it. I can count on one hand how many scary films I've seen.

OK I'll tell you them:

1. When a Stranger Calls
2. A Stephen King NR film in elementary school, can't remember the title.  I even googled it don't worry.
3. All M. Night Shyamalan: I can put this all on one because they're all pretty subtle
4. What Lies Beneath
5. Arachnophobia
oh yeah, and
6. I am Legend...yikes.

The leading cause of nightmares in my life are from movies.  Every once and a while, maybe every other month I'll have a horrible dream.

Last month I dreamt my sister, Gina, died.  Vivid.  Planned and went to the funeral and everything.  Woke up in tears.  I told my mom.  She said "Well don't tell her.  She is not the right state of mind to hear it."  Hahaha.  I didn't tell her.   I am just so pleased I still have my sister.  She has a very stable mind btw.

Now for what I've been building up to all this time!  I just awoke from a nightmare, brought on by a simple picture I saw on Pinterest!  I didn't even PIN it!!!  Alas, this creature resided in my dreams.

This is the pin.

It's a bear without fur.
Well, in my dream, bears without fur were competing against the human race for the planet.  They had an intellect that surpassed humans, in that they could hear our thoughts.  (Oh no, this has nothing to do with Twilight, I promise...eeee.)  They lived in the mountains and the foothills.  Since my house is in the foothills, I was constantly being hunted and pounced on.  Now close your eyes and imagine what that would look like.

The humans had blow guns and arrows that would put them under.  Or, in my case, I didn't have any weapon so I would punch them in the face.

The dream transferred to something indoors and I ne'er saw or heard from these hairless smartie bears e'er again.

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Sabrina said...

Thanks for the future dream/nightmare!