Tuesday, October 4

Another couple reasons why my job is the best

When I walk by a line of second graders and hear one of them whisper excitedly: "She's the BEST!"

And then coming in from lunch and finding this note on my desk (typed just as she wrote it):

Dear Mis. Shumway
You are a great teacher the best the kids that get you next year will be really lucky.
You understand every thing, likes, dislikes, reading, Math, and thinking.
You can help any Student in the hole world.
You rock have a good school year.
Love your very happy Student
P.S. I loved eating lunch with you
(I let my kids eat lunch with me when their table wins most points)

Isn't that adorable? I literally felt like warm soft cotton fill my heart.


Emily Dawn Pugh said...

This almost made me want to be a teacher, haha.

The Shumways said...

That is the cutest thing ever! It makes me wish my girls could one day be in your class.