Tuesday, March 23

Current occupation...of my mind

Just this cruise my sister and I are going on. We got a steal of a deal steal so it just made sense. (cents?)

10 days away. And I feel like the past two days have gone by sooo slow. Sunday feels like a week ago. Can I just hibernate for 10 days do you think? Then the next time I open my eyes I will see:

magical things.

And my pops and I are going zip lining in the jungle! Of course my mom and sis are being wussies and won't go. "waahhh I can't handle adventures!" Those stinkers. Oh man I can't wait to have something else to think back on and just treasure.


Daniel said...

How'd you score that?! It sounds so nice! I'm jealous

Elissa Stewart said...

Really, you're going to be asleep even on the cruise until the boat gets to that exact spot and then you'll open your eyes? From someone who falls asleep a lot, I understand.