Thursday, April 30

First day of class

Well I'm officially back to real life since I've been home to New Zealand. How do I measure real life? I don't really know. But I am beginning real school again. Like hard classes. Unlike the fantasy school of New Zealand.

So for my New Testament class our teacher is really cool. And he opened the class with a few questions.

1. Has anyone ever lived in a different country?
-Of course I raised my hand. I lived in New Zealand...for a few months... I know a lot of people don't think that counts but it totally does.
2. Can anyone do an impression of a famous person?
-No one volunteered.
teacher: "You guys are a bunch of mormons" (making fun of us for not sharing)
3. Can anyone here do a weird body trick?
a couple of people raised their hands. One guy just made a popping sound with his supposed "double jointed jaw" what does that even mean? All jaws have two joints. duh. the other person just put her hand behind her back and waved. I can totally almost do that.
Well at first I forgot my special talent. But then I remembered. But I hesitated. Then I thought of the aforementioned stargirl and what she would do in this situation. So of course I raised my hand.
"I can flap my left nostril"
A sound of surprise from the classroom
So I did what no one else can do and I breathed in really hard through my nose. As I do this, one nostril flaps open and shut open and shut. They had me turn do it again and face all directions so everyone could see it.
thank you stargirl for not only reminding me who I am but to not be afraid to BE who I am.

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