Wednesday, April 29


So as I said before I am watching these kids and sometimes I find myself bored. Like when they watch the same spongebob show for the millionth time. (I am doing better about not letting them watch tv...playing is so much more like real life)

Well I read. I have averaged a book a day. Just like 200 page chapter books for elementary school kids.
  • Tuck Everlasting
  • The Black Cauldron
  • Stargirl
  • Frindle
  • Skinnybones
  • Wait Till Helen Comes

K Stargirl is officially my favorite book other than harry potter books. It is amazing. This girl is absolutely everything I want to be - she only cares about others and she is crazy and totally herself no matter what.

Frindle and Skinnybones make me laugh out loud.

Wait Till Helen made me really scared. That author just sets this spooky mood that freaks you out. and it's a kids book!

All I'm sayin is that if you have nothing better to do and you are watching tv, which is so dumb, you should just read some of these books.


Tawny Crane said...

Wow you must be a fast reader!
I have to recomend some books that I lOVE to death!
1. Princess Acadamy
2. The Sisters Grimm 1,2,3,4,5,6-
and that should keep you busy for a week ;)

Krystal said...

I hear ya, although now days I spend most of the kids tv time passed out on the couch. I like reading while I'm watching the kids play outside too.

David and Sammy said...

Hallie!! Wait till Helen comes was my absolute favorite book in 4th grade. Good times! And I LOVED Stargirl too.
You need to read:
The Hunger Games
The Truth About Forever (by Sarah Dessen)
You will LOVE all of these and finish them in a day I promise!!

Mark and Mal said...

Loved Stargirl! It's a great book. Here are some similar recommendations:
"The Goose Girl" by Shannon Hale
"Speak" by Laurie Halse Anderson.
"The Two Princesses of Bamarre" by Gail Carson Levine.
Hope babysittinggoes well. Let me know what else you read.

Holley said...

I just read something I think you would like too! It's called "The Hunger Games" its a goodie!