Friday, July 27

Pet Peeve #2: the word "sweet"

The word sweet should only be used to describe the antonym of sour and the synonym for someone who is nice.
Anyone found using this word in another context will likely be wearing a pukka shell necklace.
Nothing against Emily.

It's just a pet peeve, if you say it like that I will still love you.

8:42 AM Emily: sweet!
me: you work til 5?
Emily: no, 4.
me: perfect
Emily: So if you want, I'll go check out the stuff, and you can pay me later, if you want
My mom has to go too for another gift
8:43 AM Any ideas?!?
me: oh okay
i'll just pay you
Emily: unless you want to go with me!
me: i would love to go with you
Emily: sweet!
me: i get off work between 12 and 2
so it could totally work
Emily: sweet!
8:44 AM Are you going to be at home, or at your apt?
me: at my home
no one is at my apt during the day so i just chill with the parents
Emily: sweet!
Would you mind going with my mom too?
me: no not at all
Emily: hehehe, she's so cool, it'll be a party! ;)
Emily: Sweet, so we'll swing and pick you up when I get her


solidcommagirl said...

I'm afraid I am a perp.

seeingyouthere said...

guilty as well. but on the road to recovery.

note to self. no smiles faces or "sweet" references to hallie. if the list gets much longer i am bound to forget. i am sorry in advance.

Daron said...

Sweet blog entry.