Tuesday, September 17


Rob came over to my house, he was right on time.  The plan was to go to dinner, then FHE, then Stewart Falls.  I was taking my sweet time to get ready, so he came up to find me and got a random phone call from Mark, his good friend who happens to be a pilot, and who happened to be flying that evening and was wondering if we wanted to come for the final hour he had the plane.
Rob had asked me if I wanted to go flying ever since we first started dating, so I had small suspicions but didn't want to think about it.  So I just went!  And we flew in a small plane over the valley!  As we approached the canyon, to the east was my favorite spot to think.  It's this gazebo on the top of a small mountain.  I told Rob I wanted to be proposed to in that gazebo back when we went there to watch the supermoon.  Mark and Rob exchange some kind of telepathic look and both shrug shoulders.  I am looking for a sign, but don't see one.
Rob: "Didn't you say you wanted to get proposed to in that gazebo?"
"Yes..." Bracing myself for just a "huh" something.
I look the other way toward the lake and hear my full name.  When I turn around he is holding a cube ring box!
"Will you marry me?"
I am speechless and just giggle for what seemed like forever.  I couldn't talk I was so excited and the ring was perfect!
I pull out my phone and have Mark film as Rob slides the ring on my finger.

We fly through the canyon and over deer creek.  Rob is starting to feel sick.
"Do you need some water?"
So I reach back for a bottle of water and see he is reaching back as well, but not to help me get the water.  He pulls out a large bottle of some beverage.  I didn't know what it was because the label and lid were covered in white ribbon.
As I peel off the ribbon I see a familiar yellow/brown label.  It's L&P!  My favorite beverage only found in New Zealand!!!

He pulls out wine glasses then another box is revealed.  A pound of Sees Chocolates!  And not just any variety pack.  It's a whole pound of my favorite treat in the world!  Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cream!!!
I am overwhelmed.  It's too much!  It's perfect.

We land and Rob says we have a reservation at 8:15 at a restaurant in Orem.  I can't really think of a restaurant in Orem that would suit the occasion...He turns right onto state street then into chuck-a-rama/Wendy's parking lot.  Obviously a joke but a hilarious one nonetheless.  Love this guy.

A few more blocks and he gets into the left turning lane...Chef's Table?!  I have always wanted to go there!  Fancyyyy.  We are given a palate cleanser (lemon sorbet and mint) then a complimentary appetizer (Coconut Shrimp)
I order the filet mignon.  Because we just got engaged and I could, right?  Haha it was delicious.  Rob got Chicken and Shrimp.  And we got flavored lemonades throughout, peach and raspberry.

Rob was stuffed but I couldn't NOT order dessert.  I'm so high maintenance when I get engaged, just for future reference.  We ordered the chocolate creme brulee and it was the perfect ending to a perfect day.  Or so I thought.

We stopped by my parents to show them the ring and share a chocolate and a taste of L&P. Then he said he had one more thing.  One more thing?  I was already blown away!  But one more thing we did.  He drove me up to the trailhead of that gazebo.  We hiked the uphill, 20 minute hike to the top and I saw some weird stuff in the clearing as we approached the gazebo.  I couldn't tell if they had put panelling on the gravel or if Rob had laid down pads for us to sit on...But there was a lot of something on the ground.  As we came nearer I saw what it was.  It was the sign!  It was my name spelled out in large tablecloth letters held down with Rocks.  I of course freaked.  That was the last touch that made my night.

We enjoyed the view of the city and talked about the evening, how wonderful he is and how wonderful I am to him I guess.  Then we walked to the center of the gazebo and danced to one of our favorite songs and he sang and made me feel like I was the luckiest girl in the world.  And not just for that night.  Forever!

We're getting married on October 26th in the Provo Utah Temple!  The best day has been lived and only better days are to come!


Annie Nelson said...

I'm SO HAPPY FOR YOU I COULD DIE!!! :) LOVE love love love you hal.

amanda said...

THIS IS THE VERY BEST MOMENT OF MY LIIIIIIIIIIFEEEEE!!!!!! but seriously. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU + ROB! Thank you for not marrying anyone else bc that engagement sounds so perfect and you are happy sally in that video; love it. love you and this love!!!

Veronica said...

Hallie! This couldn't be more perfect. He just kept one-upping himself. Sounds like a keeper. As a side note, the one time I went to Chef's Table I also had filet mignon and creme brulee and I don't even feel guilty about it because the guy dumped me a week later.

Veronica said...
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