Thursday, June 20

Someday I'll need to read this to remember how great my life once was...

You'll be pleased to know I have yet to watch a TV episode in its entirety this summer.
That is how productive I've been!

My summer day begins with a natural wake, because alarms ruin lives.  I have yet to wake up past 11, tis a goal I've yet to achieve.

The sister missionaries text me sometime telling me what appointment/s for which they'd like me to accompany them.  Some appointments turn out to be frightening, others blow my mind spiritually because the message always applies to me so perfectly.

I'll get my garden clothes on, sometimes I will just put my bath robe on, depending on how proactive I feel.  However, the thought of putting my bathrobe on then having to take that off and put other clothes on is motivation enough to just get straight to the clothes part.  Clothes also ruin lives.  But they have to happen because culturally that is what my neighbors prefer.  I know my neighbor down the street sometimes just wears his slacks without a top and he is like, what, 60?  Yeah.  I don't want to cause that emotion for anyone.

I ask my mom what she wants me to do.  She'll say something real nice, like, "The pots need watered, but I can do that!" have a million other things to do and I have nothing.  Selfish mom. :) So I go out and water the pots, continue on my never-ending rock walkway project, weeding, etc.

Then I'll remember that I haven't had breakfast so I'll go in my kitchen and make myself a killer green smoothie that would blow Jamba out of business.  Sorry Jamba.

I'll run a couple errands, maybe drop by my classroom, practice the piano or guitar, clean something, go out with the missionaries for a visit, etc.  Then when 2 or 3pm rolls around I always end up napping for at least 20 minutes and at most 3 hours.

I work at the temple a couple days a week, except in July it's closed so who knows what'll happen during those times.

Coryse and I play tennis every day between 4 and 6.  We are getting moderately ok!

Usually some social event in the evening. So Coryse and I will shower then meet up at that event.

Later we'll hang out with friends or end up in Coryse's hot tub, watching the stars, listening to relaxing music, releasing toxins...

Then my boyfriend will call me and we will talk.  He is my favorite. You should meet him and fall in love too!


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Raymon said...

You have the best life ever.