Thursday, February 21


My whole life I have been teased for spilling.  Spilling the gravy for Sunday dinners, missing the cup when I pour a liquid, tipping the cup over while pouring a liquid. (that cup doesn't weigh enough to take this waterfall!)

My mom makes me a smoothie every morning.  A green smoothie.  Ain't she grand?

This morning, I pulled into a parking spot at school and got out of my car, drank in hand.  I slipped.  I looked down.  The cup was tipped and pouring out onto the side of my car where I caught my fall.

Does that happen to anyone else?  When you spill something, you see the source of the spilling and it is your hand!  It is as if you have no control; how did your hand get to that angle?  Happens to me all the time.  Maybe that is what paralyzed people feel like.

I just walked away.  Didn't even look back at my car.  I hope it snows some more.  Cover that big ol smoothie splatter.


Sabrina said...

Green smoothie on your car? Similar to the green glob of guck on your driveway?

Hallie Shumway said...

Haha, yeah. That time I put the smoothie on the black garbage can and it slid off. I didn't know it wasn't a flat surface!