Wednesday, January 16


I got a new baby lizard.  She is adordable.
On my way home from school yesterday, I bought baby crickets so my baby lizard can eat and entertain.
Those crickets died on the way to work since my car was 0 degrees.  All of them were huddled together, belly up.  So sad. 
But I believe in miracles, so I put their cage in my lizard's tank to warm them up.  Put the heat lamp right over them.  One at a time, I saw the widdle crickets jump back to life!  By the time the kids were seated, every cricket, excepting a few, were all alive again!  We looked up this phenomenon via the world wide web and saw it was a normal occurance, and the crickets were simply in a state of paralysis and hibernation because they are cold-blooded.

That was just the beginning of my troubles.  We gathered around a large box to watch the little Sandy lizard eat her first batch of baby crickets.  I wanted to model how to appropriately sprinkle the vitamin powder, and in the process I clumsily knocked the cage of 64 resurrected crickets onto the floor.  Out of the ajar lid, the nearly invisible crickets popped out, here and there, jumping away from their fate.  I had all 25 children surround the area and catch any tiny crickets they could get a hold of.  We captured all of them - I think... 
Sandy enjoyed pouncing and chomping her delicious protein and seems content.  I hope the crickets that got away do not reproduce.  Icky.  


Alyson Lawrence said...

I literally laughed out loud. Sounds like something I would do!

Amber said...

SOOO funny!! :)