Sunday, December 30

The Year is Dying... & Bucket List

New Years Resolutions were written up today.  I remembered my Bucket List (listed below) and looked at last year's post about New Years Resolutions and realized why I still have a swearing problem. I can mark off another thing: I've visited Europe and Asia!  But nothing else :( I need to get crackalacking on this listalisting.   I guess if I got really detailed, visiting Europe and Asia would mark off dozens of things, like all the places and things I saw and ate!  I am currently working on re-writing a Europe Journal since I lost mine 2 days before I came home.  Still bitter.

Go skydiving
Get Married
Have Children
Visit South America and Africa
punch someone in the face
dissect more animals
eat shark
Have debt no more than one year at a time
have a garden every year
Hike a volcano
Helicopter ride
Death Valley
Niagra Falls
Maine crab legs and lighthouse
Eat at a five star restaurant yearly
Make a five star-worthy meal and dress all fancy and eat it
Weigh no more than I do now unless I have a child inside of me
Participate in a triathlon
Be on a talk show
Create art at least once a year
Learn to play guitar really really well
Take voice lessons
Meet the prophet
Be the general relief society president
Get a masters and PhD
Watch the sun rise and set in one day on a south or north facing beach
Go back to New Zealand
Do as much genealogy as possible
Serve a senior mission
Give high fives to strangers...often
Write a book or publish an article
Hot-air balloon across the country
See the northern lights
fly first class
SLC underground tunnels
BYU underground tunnels
Go to a movie by my lonesome
7 world wonders 
Ice climbing
Make snowboarding or skiing a hobby
Visit every temple in Utah and wherever I travel

kiss a stranger
go to New Zealand
go to Australia
bungy jump
shotover jet
horseback ride through lord of the rings forest
cruise to mexico
cruise through fjords
New York
Eat at all the best places in New York
Harry Potter World
DisneyLand Paris
Watch 6 movies in one day

My main resolution is to be present wherever I am.  I'm not trying to be deep here, I mean temporally in the room I am sitting now, or the church meeting I go to, or the annoying bridal shower for the girl I don't care about.  (I hate bridal and baby showers, if I've gone to yours, please feel very loved.)  Not look at my phone, not be bored, not ignore people, not allow myself to find a way to leave as soon as possible.  Just BE there.  And be 100% there.  It's always been a struggle to enjoy where I'm at.  When I do get to leave, I find myself wanting to be done with the next thing.  So I will just back up one step and love where I'm at!

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Courtney said...

I need to make a better bucket list. I hope you don't mind if I borrow some of your ideas... ;)