Monday, December 12

My Father's Foul Mouth

One of the many perks of living with my parents is hearing my dad swear.  He would never swear in front of me and it is always a treat when I catch him.  He thinks I'm downstairs or that no one is home.  Here are a couple instances within just this month: (insert appropriate swear word in place of 'BEEP')

D: Son of a BEEP!
D: My cell phone fell in the toilet!

D: [watching TV] Holy BEEP!
H: [In my room down the hall] DAD!
D: What?!
H: You just said "Holy S"
D: I said "Holy Shiite Muslim!" They're showing all the actors and actresses that have died in the last year.  And I recognize a lot of em!....Oh David Nelson died!  Ricky Nelson's brother!  I didn't know that!  He was a good man.


Marcilyn said...

i swear for those exact same reasons. your dad is cool.

Veronica said...

I love your blog.

Raymon said...

I'm supposed to be having a conversation with someone, but keep reading this instead and keep laughing and the person knows I'm not listening to them...