Tuesday, December 6

Heart Attack!


My carpool friend noticed I was having a rough morning on the way to work.
By lunch I was seriously considering calling in a sub and leaving, I just wasn't my normal happy self and it was weighing on me.
Well I walk in the classroom door from lunch to find all my students working on Daily Oral Language.  I was so surprised and gave them two class letters.  I didn't notice until they pointed them out, but there were pink hearts all over the classroom!  On the table and counter tops, on the cupboards and walls, "you're the best in the world!" on the globe.  They were notes from my carpool's class and my own.  I was so touched that I started crying.  And it got pretty awkward because 5th graders don't cry when they are happy.  So I told them to bring it in for a class hug.  We had a good laugh as we gathered, layer upon layer, in a circle to embrace.

I LOVE MY JOB and my KIDS and my dearest carpool friend.

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Raymon said...

I think there should be more group hugs in the world.