Friday, October 14

Swiss Dias

I saw this painted tin art at Swiss Days in Midway over Labor Day weekend.  I haven't stopped thinking about it since.  I got some great frames, earrings, stickers for nails (tat-toes.) All these things didn't cost very much and so I felt justified in indulging myself.  But not the painted tin. 

Go to this website and check out their stuff.  Let me know if you are breaking the commandment of coveting like me.  So I can have your company with my misery.  Or give me thousands of dollars.

(Um...seriously click on those links up at the top, I LOVE MY EARRINGS and FRAMES and those stickers stayed on for FIVE WEEKS on my toe nails.)

1 comment:

Elissa Stewart said...

Shoot, girl. Just paint your own. It seems like there's plenty tin/wrought iron products out there at a cheap price, then you just paint it.