Thursday, September 22

I am suffering

from a mild concussion.

The worst part of it is how it happened. My co-workers joke that it sounds just like a story a fifth grader would tell.

I was playing in my friend's back yard. We were playing a spinning game we like to call "teacups"
She dared me to go over her footbridge playing teacups. So I did and she followed, spinning across the river. I was spinning slowly but decided to go a bit faster, seeing I was about over. Well I flew toward the river, hit my head on a rock, my heel on another, and splash. My bottom half was soaked and my head had hot liquid coming out. I didn't black out or anything, but driving the next day and the random tears show that I probably should just take it easy. I'm glad I didn't bite off my tongue or die or anything.

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Heather Ostler said...


that is so scary! I hope you're all right. No more playing teacups! :/