Tuesday, March 2

Substituting kindergarten on Dr. Seuss's bday.

their real teacher told them yesterday that they were going to have a birthday party for Dr. Seuss today. And they had great expectations.

She gave me a video to show them, of the still frame shots of a boring dr. seuss book, does that count for a birthday party?

Not according to the cute lil 5 year olds. All the live long day and as I finally put in the movie, I never heard the end of it:
"If it's a birthday party there must be a CAKE!"
"Teacher where is the cake?"
"Teacher I'm HUNGRY!"
"Teacher when is the party?"

So I stopped the movie, apologized, told them the movie was the party. Poor little chillens. I would've made them a cake if I knew that is what they expected :) a red and white stripped cake. with a cat face. and whiskers. edible whiskers.

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Alyson Cowley said...

I would not like a teacher if they did that to me. Good thing you aren't the teacher that called that a party!