Sunday, March 7


my family was gathered in the front room, having an enjoyable conversation. I come out from behind the couch and pretend to shoot everyone.
brother: what was THAT?
Gina: that was Hallie.

At costco:
On our way out, in the "receipt check" line, I find it irresistible to push every button of the vending machines lining the wall. So I do, as quickly as possible.
I happened to be wearing my red pants that day.
Gina: "I think what you wear affects the way you act"

Dropping by Gina's apartment, we pull up to an identical Honda civic. (Gina drives one) It is gray. Gina's is dark blue.
Gina, on her way out of the car: "One morning I tried to get into her car thinking it was mine. I was so confused."
Mom: "For such intelligent girls, you two are totally ditsy"

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Katherine said...

I like everything you do.