Friday, January 29

The Rotation System

I was helping my mom sift through her closet, giving up half of her clothes to DI. The determinig factor when I give stuff away to DI is "have I worn this in the past year?" and "Has it survived the rotation system?"

Rotation system? You may wonder.

It's brilliant. And I didn't think much of it until I told my mom about it. It's just one of the quirky things I do that is so normal to me, ya know?
  • I organize my clothing into sections, as I am sure all of you do: a pants section, a skirt/dress section, and a shirt/blouse/tops section.
  • I have my pants on the left side and my shirts on the right side.
  • I wear what is closest to the middle...or as close to the middle as possible...can't wear brown pants with a bright green shirt ya know!
  • After wearing that, I place it in the back of that section. So the pants would go behind all the other pants and the shirt would go behind all the shirts, farthest from the middle.
  • When I do my wash, I place all those clothes in the back of their sections because I have recently worn them and the other clothes need a chance now!
  • When I find a shirt is staying in the middle for a while and I never want to wear it, it goes to DI! Unless it's like fancy then it goes to the unrotated very very back section. Everyone has those right? hahaha lol. yeah you are totally saying "oh my gosh I have that too!"
  • Same with Sunday skirts/dresses. The rotation system is my favorite for Sunday clothes because I can go to church confidently, knowing what I wore last week is not to be worn again for a while!
You need to try it. It really works. Dudes can use it for hats and ties and even socks as well! You can use it for anything! Celebs should use it to rotate through their houses and cars! Use it with the cereal you eat! The friends you hang out with! JK please don't.

And if you don't want to do this for yourself, do it for your clothes. because think how you would feel if you were a shirt always in the back of your closet. The rotation system would be your only hope to get worn.


Alyson Cowley said...

I have somewhat tried to follow this system, but I just end up pulling whatever I want to wear out of the system. It's usually the same few shirts, pants, etc.

Is that closet actually in your house, or just a picture of a well-organized closet?

Raymon said...

Your mind is something else.

I'm not quite ready to upgrade to the rotation system, but maybe someday.

Hallie said...

picture al, picture

Courtney said...

You're a genius!!!!