Sunday, May 17

Twenty Two

I guess Forever 21 was wrong.
Memories of my first day of being 22:
  • Waking up at intervals beginning at 6am to the several phone calls and voice message alerts from my brother Daron. He wanted to be the first to wish me happy birthday. His messages are priceless, I'll save them forever.
  • "Hallie...I woke up at 6am just to wish you happy birthday and you didn't even answer your phone"
  • "Wow. 19 years old."
  • in a warning tone: "Hallie"...5 seconds later..."Hallie" breathing...hang up.
  • temple
  • an interview for the tree room at sundance. And even if I don't get it, I got to sit in a chair there. So I can honestly say I've been to the tree room.
  • Lunch at Blue Lemon
  • 9th & 9th in SLC. Go. Cute boutiques and antique shops. I just love shops that end in "tique"
  • Les Madeleines
  • The Sweet Tooth Fairy
  • Color-me-mine
  • Papa Johns in the movie theater parking lot with Katherine while my dad made aside comments as he was peeling an orange, throwing the peelings on the asphalt. And I carried four pieces of pizza and two peeled oranges into the theater.
  • Angels & Demons
  • Writing in my journal


Vanessa said...

It WAS a dream day. Thanks for including me.

Anonymous said...

Cute! Sounds amazing!!!!

Katherine said...

Oh Hal, you forgot to put a link to your journal....

Reags said...

You went to my shoppe on your birthday!! That means I was a part of your birthday! happy twenty two. Your the hottest 22 I know!

Holley said...

sweet day! that sounds way fun! love you hal!