Thursday, May 15

21...and counting!

So I guess I am a year older than 20 now. To the rest of the world that means LEGAL! But I don't want to become addicted to a harmful liquid. So 21 is pretty boring I guess. I could go to vegas and gamble! That would be fun. This morning I called KOHS to request a song for my birthday and this is what they played me

Plans for the day:

Wake up whenever I want (which was 7am)
Wear my favorite clothes
keep juicy coutoure perfume in my purse to smell good ALL day long
Went to Kneaders on my way to work to get a berry croissant and a smoothie
Work until 2:00
Drive my scooter to class, take the quiz real quick, then leave
Go to SLC and buy myself an outfit from American Apparell and/or Forever 21
Get 21% off at Forever 21 because it is my 21st bday
Happy Sumo with my sister for dinner (Thanks in advance, Gina!)
Go out with friends for dessert (Thanks in advance, Veda!)
Watch Indiana Jones outside with my ward friends
Kiss a guy 21 times
It will be a good day, I just know it. And if it isn't I will MAKE it good. Like this morning I pulled a U-turn but didn't quite make it so I had to make it a 3-point turn. Traffic was approaching and had to wait for me. But I yelled out my window as I finished the turn: "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! I CAN DO WHAT I WANT!" Yep. I love birthdays.


amanda said...




goodness, happy birthday hallie!! :)

holley said...

that is the weirdest song! haha!

Jennifer said...

hallie!!! you are so cool and funny!!!! ha ha ha! i love that you yelled that out of your car window!!!bf