Friday, March 7

Last night's phone conversation

I took each step down into the parking garage carefully when I remembered to call him...
I flipped open my phone, scrolling down to his name (we'll call him Henry here)
breathe for a few seconds and gain my composure
push the button with the green phone on it..."calling Henry" it said
one ring....two rings....oh man he usually picks up by the 2nd ring....3rd ring....dang it dang it I don't want to leave a message...
Henry: "Hello?"
me: "Hi" (relief)
Henry: "hey"
me:"This is was your day?" (I guess this is part of phone etiquette and if it was my way I would not ask this)
Henry: "Oh good, just doing some homework, you know"
me: "Oh yeah...that's cool"
Henry: "How was your day?"
me: "It was nice! So I am going to pick you up at 6:47pm tomorrow." I wanted to just get to the point
Henry: "6:47?" (in a 'did you seriously just say that' tone)
me: "Yes, 6:47, does that work ok for you?"
Henry: "Yeah, that will be fine."
me: "Alright then, see you later!"
As I take the phone away from my ear and flip it shut I heard "Okay, see you then, thank you Hal-" click.
I don't like talking on the phone, even if you are one of the most beautiful people I know.

When asked about him by my friends I said "Oh, it's nothing, we would just make beautiful babies"
because he is really good looking. And that is all I have to say on the subject. Wish me luck tonight!

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