Tuesday, November 13


Park City was a blast of all explosions. I loved where we stayed and we spent most of our time just hanging out and bein silly.

There was a pool right outside our sliding glass door (and everybody else's staying in that hotel) It was outdoor and heated. So refreshing.

We came out of the water to test the steam evaporation. We are steaming hot.

Their real hot tub was empty and we refused to let that get in the way. When no one was in the hot tub, the water was only 5 inches high. When we all got in, it almost overflowed. So you can imagine how much space we were filling in that tub! haha

being silly again...with gummy eyeballs

We went to the outlet mall and a cute bakery, then we hit up Main St. I really enjoyed Park City!

When we arrived in our Condo and discovered the fridge to be empty, we went to the grocery store. I wanted cheese puffs, but no one else did. So we had to fight about it to get what I wanted.

She is kind of hiding it, but Alyson is holding a Diet Dr Pepper in her left arm. When my Aunt Renae saw that we had it, she was kind of appalled. Which made it so much more fun to drink. We stayed up pretty late and found some shot glasses in the cupboard. Boy what a burning sensation--drinking a shot of that in one gulp.

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