Wednesday, November 21

My tricky football singing pig brains sidewalk date

It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be...But there were some highlights I am sure you want to know about.

So Gina's roommate Michelle and her date Lucas doubled with me and Dave. (I couldn't remember his first name the entire date...) Lucas drove. He left the car on and left to walk up to Michelle's apartment. Well Dave had the brilliant idea to move the car so Lucas would be "so confused." So he moved it to the underground parking lot. It took a few minutes, and Lucas' face was not happy.

We went to Color me Mine, basically my favorite place in Utah that doesn't have food. They have ceramic plates, cups, bowl, figurines, toothbrush holders - anything you can think of, they probably have. Well you take this ceramic item and you paint it. Then a few days later you pick it up after they have fired the paint so it is pretty.
Lucas insisted that he and Michelle get the same large dinner plates together. Michelle asked "well what are we going to do with them?" and he said "I was thinking we could make dinner together and use these plates." This was all in Portuguese by the way, they kept speaking to each other in that language to flirt. They are so cute!

I picked a cup and taped a geometric design then painted the shapes between the tape using bright colors. Dave picked a football. the football is cut in half to serve as a container. Well on the inside, he painted his 3rd favorite football team's colors and letter on one side, his 2nd favorite football team's colors and letter on the other side, and a blue "Y" on the outside. It turned out pretty cool, considering.

He sang a couple of the songs that were playing, and we are not talking about quiet, sing-along singing. We are talking about loud, performance singing, adding his own dynamics and notes singing.
And after Lucas, Michelle and I were done, he was being OCD about every little spot (I told him the glaze would melt over and even it out) but we waited 20 minutes regardless. And I was in love with the employee there. He complimented my cup and had the coolest shoes.
After all the spots were accounted for on Dave's football, we decided to go to Mimi's for Hot Cocoa. After we were seated and they gave us the bread, I took the whole un-cut loaf and cut a slice off in a reckless and crazy way. It took a while because the crust was hard and crispy and crumbs flew everywhere. Dave was behind his menu and did not see, which made it more satisfying - just the cute couple and me, me.
I leaned over to Dave and said "I haven't eaten dinner, so I am going to get some soup. I can pay for myself." The answer I wanted was not what I got. I wanted him to insist that he pay, act like what I just said was outlandish. But he was fine with it. So I spent $9 on soup and hot chocolate. Idiot.

So he ordered Pecan Pie, told us about a lady in his mission that served pig brains to him without telling him, and made everyone try the pecan pie, which did not look appetizing nor did anyone want more sugar after their hot cocoa.

Then we drove home, me first. He walked from the car to the sidewalk and stopped 20 feet away from my house as I approached my door. I was kind of confused, but I walked back to him and said thanks and he gave me a short hug. Hey, I would prefer a sidewalk scene, thank you dave bass.

The cutest thing happened after our date. Michelle called me and we talked - she is totally in love with Lucas. Then Lucas came over to talk - he is totally in love with Michelle. And they are both talking to me so I see both sides and it is going to be a great relationship, I can tell.
How come everyone is hooking up? How can I hook up? Where do I find the hookers? (The guys that will hook up with you)

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