Friday, June 8

All Things Hallie

Hi. My name is Hallie. Today you get to hear more than you ever wanted to know about my name.

I looked at 3 different sites for what Hallie means and where it is from.
Origins: English, Greek, and Scandinavi
meanings: Praise The Lord, thinking of the sea, heroine
Short form of the word "Hallelujah" I KNEW IT!!! I knew Hallelujah came from my name.

Peeps with my name:!bios/hallie_eisenberg22.jpg
Hallie Kate EisenBerg.

Halle Berry (she would win more oscars if she had an "i" in her name)

This picture is of a body of water named Lake Hallie in Wisconsin. I am famous there.

When I was 15 I wrote lots of songs. The first song I wrote is the following:

My name is Hallie Hallie Hallie Hallie
It isn't Gina Gina Gina Gina
You can call me Haylie Haylie Haylie Haylie
But I won't answer answer answer answer
(sing 3 times total: first time sing normal, second time is rocker, and 3rd time is opera legatto)

I wish I could add sound to this so you could hear it. It's quite catchy, really.
I have worked at my office for almost a year now and they still call me Haylie and Gina. Even the same person calls me those names. Contrary to my song, I do not correct them and respond as if it's my real name.

Ooooooo here are some nicknames!
My family calls me reckless abandon because I am a walking disaster--I have no control over whether the liquid goes from the pitcher to the cup so don't ask me to pour you a glass of anything.
I told my friend in elementary school that I hated ho-ho's by little debbie. Maybe you don't know what I am talking about so I will put a picture of them on here:
yeah so from then on he called me "Hallie ho-ho." Haven't spoken to him since.
Maybe you don't want to know this but my first boyfriend called me sweet vanilla.
My sister calls me bertha.
A couple buddies call me hal pal
and then there is the occasional halliegirl, halshum, hallieshushu...

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Hallie said...

seeingyouthere said...

i can't wait to start reading all your juicy secrets and knowing all sorts of personal details about you! Hahahahaha!

I believe I refer to you as both Hal Pal and Halshum, but if you prefer I can bring back Sweet Vanilla.